Common Problems of Website Designs

There are thousands of websites out there on the web. But every website is not ranked the same. Only few webpages manage to be into the top results on a search engine for a query. There are various factors on which a search engine ranks the websites. Ensuring a better search engine optimized approach can help a website in enhancing its ranking on the web.

While there are hundreds of reasons for a website not being ranked good on the web, the problems in the website design is one of the common reason.

Web Design Birmingham has taken this issue very keenly and has found some of the grave problems in website designs which affect them in their performance, and are usually ignored.

The some of the common problems of a Website Design are:

· Outdated Design: - The trend on the internet is fast changing. There is no time to stop as there are new updates almost every day installing which lets you be with the trend. The biggest problem in certain websites is that they are outdated. There is a page, a header, some content and a footer which has been updated some decades back. This hinders the performance of the website.

· Use of lot of Jargons: - Some websites use a lot of technical terms with an intention to look expert on certain topic. This, instead of giving a good impression, confuses the users and search engines which cause the website to rank low and users find it difficult to get any information.

· Poor SEO: - The one of the biggest problems in website designs these days is the poor SEO. The content and design is not drafted in the manner that suits the search engine queries. This takes away any organic traffic from the site and the website sinks down in to search queries.

· Mobile Incompatibility: - There is a great need for websites to go mobile and the search engines rank it on the basis of it being mobile friendly or not. So, a website being not mobile friendly is its biggest drawback in the present times.

· Broken Links: - Broken links are a good reason or a website design failure. The piling up of not needed broken links makes a website non responsive and effects its performance as well.

Web Design Birmingham has a continuous view on the changing trends on the internet and we keep ourselves up to date to avoid any of the above problems effect our clients.